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Plastic dry food storage containers
    • Plastic dry food storage containers
    • Plastic dry food storage containers
    • Plastic dry food storage containers
    • Plastic dry food storage containers
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Plastic dry food storage containers:The material is made of PP which has benefits like colorless, tasteless and non-toxic.It is the lightest one of all plastic.The bottom colour is usually black.Black can be in sharp contrast to other colors,with a transparent lids,the food will be especially bright-colored.But the colour is of course like the size and the shape customizable.Any colour can be customized.

Our plastic dry food storage containers are now on of the world most excellent products.It is approved by different markets,especially in North America and East Asia,two biggest take-out markets.With 20 years of our continuous efforts,we are making them much more pretty and practical.We keep using advanced way to improve their quality and make sure they always the best in the similar products.

The plastic dry food storage containers can adapt to various environments.No matter under the environment like -20℃ or 40℃,they will always be as good as what they can be.With a thickened design,pressure resistance does not deform .The top cover of the lunch box has a unique snap-on design to ensure the tightness of the lunch box, even if it is tilted and inverted.The lid of the meal is designed as a ‘concave surface’, so that the lunch boxes can be twisted together without displacement, and there is no need to worry about the bowl falling and falling.

This kind of food container is especially for dry food like bread,nuts and jerky etc.But if you want to put cooked food in it,it works just as well.

The plastic dry food storage containers have various use occasions like refrigeratible minimum -20℃,microwave highest120℃,takeaway delivery seal does not overflow,table packing green,dry storage moisture proof,picnic cooked food easy to carry.

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