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New material food container

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In Octoberof 2018,Changzhou Fengde Intelligent Co.,Ltd start using new material match for plastic food container.The new PP-5 with other material make our products much more hard,flexible and beautiful.


The bottom colour is usually black.Black can be in sharp contrast to other colors,with a transparent lids,the food will be especially bright-colored.But the colour is of course like the size and the shape customizable.Any colour can be customized.The most popular colour is black,white,orange and transparent.


We also focus on the biodegradable environment-friendly wheat straw pulp lunch box. With natural sugarcane pulp as raw material, the food grade water-proof, oil-proof and paper-pulp moulded tableware products processed by science and technology have the following excellent characteristics:

1 Environmental health, non-toxic and healthy

2 120 ℃ heat oil, resistance to 100 ℃ hot water, no deformation

3 Suitable for microwave oven baking, frozen fresh, high temperature cooking

4 Recycling value, recycled paper recycling, resource conservation

5 The soil is naturally degraded into organic fertilizer, reducing carbon dioxide and water

6 The product after spraying, coating can improve its barrier permeability. 

Thw physical properties, health indicators of biodegradable are through the national standard GB18006,1-1999, in line with the United States FDA, Europe SGS, Japan health ministry (MOH) and other international health institutions online testing standards.

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