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Are Plastic Food Containers Really Safe?----------Please carefully choose your supplier.

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Recent studies have shown that a chemical called bisphenol A (A.K.A.BPA) found in plastic containers is harmful to your health.Studies have shown that BPA is associated with brain injury, immune deficiency, behavioral problems and metabolic abnormalities.


But don’t be worry about FengDe’s Plastic Food Containers.Polyethylene and polypropylene are alternatives to plastics, and researchers have determined that safe.  If you are not sure what chemicals are in the container, please check the recycling code. On the container made of polyethylene, you will see the number 2 in the small triangle at the bottom. You'll see the number 5 on the polypropylene container. The number you don't want is 7, which often appears on BPA containing plastic. As you can see in the picture,our plastic food container use polypropylene.Totally safe for your healthy.


So choose FengDe plastic Food Containers,We will ensure your health.We use food safe materials,never use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods.


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