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Experts Teach You How to Buy Disposable Lunch Boxes and Cups

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In the market, disposable lunch boxes and disposable cups have their own advantages and disadvantages. How can consumers buy them? In this regard, the relevant experts of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau put forward some suggestions.


Look at the color first. When purchasing paper cups, the products with lighter printing color should be selected. However, if the paper color is too white, a large number of fluorescent whitening agents or impurities can be added. It is recommended not to use them. At the same time, we should distinguish between cold drink cup and hot drink cup. Cold drink cup is mainly used to install frozen drinks, carbonated drinks, etc. Compared with cold drink cup, the bottom and sealing ring of hot drink cup can not withstand relatively high temperature. If filled with hot water and the temperature is relatively high, cold drink cup may leak water, causing scald and other hazards. Therefore, cold tea cups cannot be used to hold hot drinks.


Second, it depends on stiffness. Good paper cups or bowls are hard and elastic. Poor paper cups and bowls are often pinched very soft and have no rebound property. It is recommended that you pinch them when you buy them and try to buy hard cups and bowls.

 disposable lunch boxes

Third, look at the material. Some paper bowls look thicker, the surface is made of food grade base paper, the middle layer is made of recycled base paper, carton paper, etc. It is suggested to tear them to see if the fault is yellow or more impurities.


Four odors. In the paper cup, the paper cup is put into hot water. If it smells bad, do not use it. This may be due to the cracking of polyethylene in the process of reprocessing. Many compounds are volatilized at high temperature and easily migrate to water.


Fifth, look at the signs. At present, the state has some paperwork production license management. QS label and number should be marked on the product or package. The use of the product, matters needing attention, use, use environment and use temperature should be marked on the product description or label.


So you have the right to buy disposable lunch boxes and disposable cups or pay attention to the above five points.


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