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Plastic Lunch Box Prospects For Development

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In 2017, instant noodle sales fell by 1.3 billion barrels compared with the same period in 2015, due to the increasing convenience of delivery. Confucius may not have done anything wrong, but suddenly there is a takeout, is it hungry, American Group takeout, Baidu takeout..." The development of takeaway has changed our lives and plastics. You may not think that you can take-out will help 2 cents to develop polypropylene.

 Plastic Lunch Box Prospects For Development

Changes in consumer attitudes and consumption habits are creating unprecedented market opportunities for the packaging industry. Polypropylene thin-walled injection moulding is used in food containers, medicine boxes, cosmetics, stationery and even multimedia packaging. Therefore, the development of outsourcing and the wide application of thin-walled injection moulding are positively related. Polypropylene has the advantages of good heat resistance, impact resistance, easy processing and low cost. It has become the mainstream material for making disposable lunch boxes.


Thin-walled injection-moulded disposable lunch box is favored by more and more customers because of its hygiene, beauty, wide temperature range, no oil leakage, no water leakage, good pressure resistance and other advantages. The advantages of thin-wall injection moulding technology are not only widely used and increasing demand year by year, but also the price and performance of raw materials themselves

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