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Can Plastic Lunch Boxes Be Put Into Microwave Ovens?

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Plastic lunch box, which is used to pack meals. If you order outside, you will see this plastic lunch box. Can you put the plastic lunch box in the microwave oven? Are plastic lunch boxes harmful?

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Can plastic lunch boxes be microwave ovens?


Microwave oven lunch boxes are usually made of PP and PS plastics. PP refers to polypropylene, which has excellent mechanical and thermal properties and is used in various performance laminates and packaging materials. PS is commonly known as hard glue, ordinary hard glue, hard and brittle, when knocked, it emits a metallic "ding dang" sound, which is clear and crisp, commonly known as "sound glue", non-toxic, tasteless. This kind of material can be used in packaging. It is non-toxic, tasteless and safe to use. The lunch box made of PP material is soft, while the lunch box made of PS is slightly hard. There is no difference in other aspects.


Plastic lunch boxes

These two materials are also safe to be heated in microwave ovens and will not release toxic substances. It should be noted that the general lunch boxes are marked whether they are suitable for use in microwave ovens. The cover material of some lunch boxes is not PP, so they can not be heated in microwave ovens. When hot meals are served, it is better not to wear a cover.


Plastic lunch boxes without marking materials, microwave oven applicability and similar contents can not be heated in microwave ovens. This kind of lunch box may be inferior. It is better not to put it in the microwave oven.

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